My Wife Won't Be Back Until Tomorrow

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Haley Reed has been babysitting for a couple for a month or so. The money isn’t great, but when she starts to send sexy selfies to the husband, the pay suddenly gets much better. After a while she finds herself enjoying the attention, and when his wife is away, her sexy boss offers her a little extra for some fun in the bedroom. At first, she’s a little apprehensive, but when she sees how much money he’s prepared to pay, she jumps at the chance. Once in the bedroom, she realizes just how much she wants him, and just how much he wants from her.

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Haley Reed is off in a search of her father with not much more than an address on an old postcard. Exhausted, she takes a little nap after she discovers that the door is open and nobody’s home. Ricky Johnson arrives to find this white girl sleeping on his couch. It’s obvious he’s not her father, but he graciously offers his place for a few nights till she figures out where she’s going. She gratefully kisses him and one thing leads to another. Cumming hard from hot black cock is a welcome surprise!

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Music Lovers

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Haley Reed and Meko Lilly had a rehearsal date on the weekend to perfect their ballet performance the following week. The girls were pretty tired of so much practice and decided to take some time off. Meko’s feet were tired and Haley wanted to relax her with some tender caressing. Haley was a renowned pianist and her soft tones could soothe any soul. The girls took their romantic escapade to the living room and got a little more personal. There Haley practiced her sexual moves on Meko!

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Three Is Fun

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Haley Reed caught her stepbrother with his cock in her girlfriend, Molly Mae,’s mouth. She was upset and went into the bedroom were Molly cornered her. She slammed Haley against the wall, pulled down her shorts and tongue fucked her tight little asshole. While they were fucking they noticed that Brick, Haley’s stepbrother, was spying on them. Molly pulled him by his cock to the bed and they had all out must-see threesome!

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